Force field


If there is any message I want to give the body of Messiah this week it is this message. It burns within me as I believe this could one of the biggest thing that could happen to someone reading this!

I have been digesting this truth after the Holy Spirit shared it with me few days back. While in prayers the Spirit of the Elohim pop up the word “Force field” into my heart. I was not thinking about it; it just came. Quickly I grabbed my dictionary to check its meaning.

A force field is a shield, an invisible barrier of force made up of energy or particles to protect a person, area or object from attacks or intrusions.

Every believer has a force field from which they operate and the purpose of this force field is to repel demonic forces from coming within the range or boundaries your force field covers.
Your force field can protect, bless and preserve your life and that of others.

You carry it with you! Evil is not permitted to come close areas and people your force field covers. Except otherwise, I will explain later. The Bible uses the word ‘hedge‘ (Job 1:9-10), or ‘wall of fire‘(Zechariah 2:5) to describe a force field.
Satan replied, “Have you not put a hedge round him and his household and everything he has?”
Job 1:9-10

How did Satan know? Because he tried penetrating Job’s life and was restrain by the barrier of force.

Apostle Peter knew this. In 1 Peter 1:9, “Who through faith are shielded by Elohim’s power…”

I will show you later how you can begin to charge your force field, increase it, extend it, transfer it. Also things that can decrease and break it (speaking unwholesome word,anger, falsehood, grieving the Spirit…).

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