YeHoVah is near!

“…The Lord is near” Phillipians 4:5b

Many times we ask YeHoVah to draw close to us. We want Him closer to us, so we can overcome our troubles. But the truth is that- YeHoVah is near. If He is near then His help is near. If He is near then His wisdom is near. If He is near then His power is near.

It is not YeHoVah who must draw near to us, it is us who must draw near to Him. His nearness is constant.

“…For He has said, “I will never leave you and I will never abandon you.” Hebrews 13:5

Why do we not draw near to Him? Why do we not seek Him? Why do we not believe this?

If we really knew He is near, we will never walk in fear. We will never be discouraged. We will never be in lack of wisdom.

Come near to YeHoVah and He will come near to you…” James 4:8

There is more! YeHoVah being near is not sufficient. What do I mean? YeHoVah knocking at my door is not enough, unless I open my door to Him.

The Spiritual Paradox:

YeHoVah is near to us, yet we are far from Him.

YeHoVah can live in our hearts, yet His presence produces no good in our lives, if we refuse to listen to His voice within us. This is the unfortunate condition of most believers.

Becoming Near To Him, Who Is Near To You:

The river can be near your house, and still, you will die of thirst, if you never went near it to drink.

So apostle Paul reminds us, that YeHoVah is near in Phillipians 4:5, but James takes us further that, we must draw near to YeHoVah , who is near James 4:8

Drawing Near:

“… Wash your hands you sinners, and purify your hearts, you double- minded” James 4:8b

To be unwavering in our heart, is to be steadfast in faith. It is holding God at His word. It is agreeing with what is written in God’s Word, that He is near us and walking in this bold confidence of trust that draws
us near to God. Doubt and unbelief pushes us far from the Lord.

We must purify our hearts, if we discover we are double minded. To purify is to set our hearts apart for one single vision. The purified heart only see one thing;


It is a heart made holy unto YeHoVah The purified heart, will produce clean hands. Right spiritual actions are product of a right heart.

Drawing near to YeHoVah begins from our heart. We must set Him as our only and singular vision.

YeHoVah you are so near to me.

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